Sweet Freedom Motorcycle Club was founded in 1981 in Heidelberg, West
Germany when a herd of Army boyz, Buzzard, Pappy, Mad Mex, Elroy, Diesel,
and Big Al managed to escape from East Berlin, evading hordes of East Berlin
guards and the Mayor's family who went plum loco after Mad Mex had his way
with a local hussy, who happened to be the Mayor's daughter Cindy Lou. Butt
that waren't all the insults. Buzzard and Pappy had run their scoots up the
city hall and stole their flag as Mad Mex laid out a smoke screen of refried
beans. Big Al had gone across the street and bitch slapped five guards who
happened to be standing all in a row. Throughout this time, Diesel was
minding his own business and sippin' tea. Upon crossing the border they
headed off to a local bar and began to down some serious suds. The first
round went faster than crap through a goose. At the start of the second
round of suds Buzzard yelped out "Here's to "Sweet Freedom".

Pappy, who was fondling the hefty waitress, Hilda, then said "Hey, that
sounds like a good name for a club".

Mad Mex, who was doing a table dance (much to the disgust of all), tripped
and fell on the lap of Butt Ugly Big Al. Suddenly there were twinkles in
their eyes until Big Al got a holt of himself and dropped Mad Mex to the
ground like a sack of Pommes Frites.

Big Bear Butt Ugly stood up and said, "from here on we will be known as
Sweet Freedom MC, anybody got a problem with that?"

All cowered in fear as they saw horns protruding from his temple, a bright
shining halo above his head - tain't nobody knew which way he was a going,
down to hell or up to heaven (forget heaven).

And so, Sweet Freedom was established by a lack luster herd of bovine bikers
who were hell bent for merriment, wind in their face, camaraderie with the
local bar maidens, and joyous times throughout the year. As the months
passed, other bikers, with like interests were allowed to join this fine
organization. Colorful bikers such as Hairless, Lizard, Butt Wipe, Howie,
Chinko Chinquenta made frequent headlines, mostly with the local
constabulary. Other family members such as Krazyredhead joined the sixth
fleet and made a name for heesself. Later in the years to follow some broad
code named "Cindy the cougar" married up to Hairless and history done

And that is the true story. Book em' Dano.


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